Gunning Arts Printing Presses

The Gunning Arts Printing Press and etching press range give outstanding results when others fail, offering reliability and flexibility. Trusted by academic organisations and by 1000’s of artists around the world of all skill levels. These etching presses are renowned for their reliability and strength while offering you the user the kind of control you can only get from using a hand press.

Designed, developed and used by Dave Gunning and his daughter Jenny over many years. To be easy & safe to use, easy to setup and versatile enough to give you the results that your designs deserve. Currently available in seven basic etching printing press models they are versatile enough to be easily modified to suit each individuals needs. The whole etching press range is designed to be compact and easy to store when not needed. When the time comes that you need it they can be easily bolted or clamped to any stable work surface, we can also supply stands suitable for the etching presses to stand on.

Gunning Arts Etching Presses are described as almost indestructible due to the design, development and materials used in there construction, which are all locally sourced. Offering:

  • Screw down stops to give you the user unlimited and precise adjustments allowing fine tuning to suit the project at hand.
  • Specially developed top roller which is spring loaded to allow the press to make slight adjustments as needed particularly when working with materials like Lino or Relief styles and other thick materials.
  • The presses printing beds are designed to be easily removable with safety stops making transportation, storage and cleaning a simple and easy process.
  • Maintenance free bearings and precision lathed rollers make these presses excellent value for money.

Any Gunning Art Etching Printing Press can be supplied in any one of many configurations. To help get the most from your new etching press and to get you up and running quickly. We are able to supply you with many of your art material requirements to suit your usage and skill levels. Such things as:

  • Aluminium beds
  • Strong and stable stands
  • Ink
  • Paper
  • Blankets
  • And much more.

From early on in Dave’s career he was always conditioned to think the bigger the etching printing press the better the print, it’s not the case with these presses. Small or big the print quality is equal across the entire range of presses. Our Etching Presses are ideal for printing on:

  • etchings
  • woodcuts
  • collograph
  • lino
  • relief
  • Bromoil
  • In fact almost any surface as long as you can get it between the rollers.

Got questions? Unsure which etching press is right for you? Give us a call: 01952 434 033 Today! We will do all we can to get you printing quickly and with total confidence with your new etching printing press.

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