Why all print shops are not equal in Charlotte NC

Why all print shops are not equal in Charlotte NC?

The business can be easily differentiated by various types of printing techniques. IMP-MEDIA print shop Charlotte is flourishing with this technological improved medium and also with advanced tools. There are many different kinds of commercial printing and most people have heard about the terminologies in printing such as digital printing, screen printing, laser printing, etc. All these types of printing are not equal. Many people actually do not know what does it really mean? Many professional people use laser printers in their office. Many students use these laser printers at home. In order to do some business in the domain of marketing and marketing products like leaflets, pamphlets, booklets, stationery items or even flyers, it is necessary to have a professional printing company.


Main types of printing method 


There are three main types of professional printing process such as offset litho printing Digital Printing and screen printing. There is a lot of difference when you keenly look into this professional printing process. So, what is the actual offset printing process means?  The offset printing process is also known as litho printing process where the image of your artwork is embedded into the metal plate. Later the artworks are transferred two rubber blankets from the metal plate. Now, the blanket is inked very well and it is now readily available to get transferred into the paper where the image comes out picturesque. 


The ink is transferred directly to the plate instead of transferring it onto the paper why this process is called offset. It also consumes a lot of time to set up and the price for setting up this business is also quite large. The price depends on the size of plates as well as the quality of the print that is needed to print it actually. These offset printing cost less amount of money when it comes to small scale printing. This type of printing is preferred to print a large volume of things.   


Advanced printing method


Are you wondering what is meant by the digital printing process? Digital printing process uses a toner powder instead of inks. This digital printing process has the ability to convert your artwork directly from the pdf format to print one. The digital presses in the early days could not provide the quality of the print by full-color printing. Now, the technological advances since a couple of decades have made the digital print extraordinary one when comparing litho. In the case of the digital printing process, there is no setup cost or also the limited quantity. This digital printing is the perfect choice for smaller amounts in case of customized as well as personalized marketing.

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Screen printing works since the 20th century which is used in printing fabrics, signage, wooden material, glass items etc. The image is made as a fine mesh and the blank areas are closed with a substrate. The process begins with pushing ink through the holes in the mesh until the end material. High volume is large print with larger quantities.  


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